The meaning of our logo

Our logo depicts the classic iron of the gondola but is enriched by a little detail that for us is very precious and meaningful.

The iron of the gondola embodies the description and composition of Venice with its main elements: the districts, the islands, the San Marco basin, the Grand Canal and the Rialto bridge.

It is therefore not difficult to understand why we chose it as a rappresentative symbol of our activity: Venice and its tradition (what us and our art come from).
Many companies use it as their own personal logo but ours has a particular additional content represented by the point on the left of the iron. The sign is not only a distinctive feature but represents for us the family and its value as well as the deep meaning of “having no limits in the creation and overcoming of one’s abilities, always seeking and proposing new, innovative and unique pieces”.

Carlo Rosa created it in the 1980s and initially used it as a signature for his paintings. It was subsequently revised by Giorgio Igne, a famous sculptor who created “the unknown Carabiniere” among his various works.


Art is our strength

Our slogan was not designed by chance, but is the true expression of what we are capable of doing with our own hands. All the artifacts we "produce" are made entirely by hand thanks to our artisan skills.



Vetreria Artistica Rosa Snc, Via G. Ferraris 29, 30038 Spinea (Venezia) Telefono: +39 041 5410868 Fax +39 041 5410868