Our artistic creations

Our production is composed by many different and unique elements. We want to explain to you in words what are all the nuances of our art.
All our products are entirely handmade. We create both the glass components (handmade pieces, not mass production, using the ancient tools used by the historical glass Masters too) and the frame (we design it and realize it).
For us every single component is extremely important because each one is fundamental to obtain a perfect and harmonious final product.

Design and customization

Concerning the design we offer a lot of different solutions:

  1. We propose our main collection and every year we add new models. All the articles can be entirely customized (color, size, shape, components, number of lights). We can design together every single detail and realize what you more like.
  2. We can realize your personal creation; it means that starting from your own idea or drawing we produce your creation (we can also make a project/drawing for you) .
  3. We are able to reproduce any kind of glass product.

Material and decoration

We guarantee to provide always a perfect final product using high quality materials, from glass to colors, to those used for the realization of the frame, to the galvanic processes for the chromium and gold plating. When the gold is required or expected, we use 26K gold only in order to make its effect brighter, beautiful and precious.
The beauty of the art work is determined from the Masters’ ability put into practice during the glass working.
We offer additional possibilities of decoration: engraving on glass (drawings or writing), painting on glass, the use of silver or 26 K gold.


The kind of lighting bulbs and technology we use for all our chandeliers is very important for us. We offer a huge range of modern technologies (Led, optical fibre, 12V, low consumptions lights,..)



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