Floral chandeliers

The classic and floral styles always remain timeless, a mix of timeless elegance and luxury. For the creation of these chandeliers we use various techniques: from the antique balloton that gives the glass a diamond decoration, to the rigadin one with straight or twisted spiral lines; we realize the hems called in the Venetian slang "morise" obtained with ancient pincers called "the pissegar bags" (pinching), we propose floral motifs that resemble colored bouquets of light and leaves that seem to move in the wind. These are models that are chosen by those who are fond of the styles of the past but are also highly appreciated by those who love modern furniture and want to give a touch of particularity to the environment. The models we offer are only a small part of a vast choice. All the chandeliers in our "floral" collections can be entirely customized in color, size and number of lights. For an even more unique product you can send us your personal design or describe your idea.
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