Luxury chandeliers

Among the models of the Luxury collection there are the Cà Rezzonici and other types of luxury chandeliers. They are unique and precious pieces, created with laborious processes, studied in detail, made with the use of gold or silver and with important dimensions. As with all our models there is the possibility of 100% customization. The Cà Rezzonico is a luxurious chandelier whose name derives from the first model designed and built in the 18th century for the palace of the noble Rezzonico family in Venice. This building overlooking the Grand Canal is today a Museum of the 18th century in Venice. It is a type of chandelier of great value, strongly linked to the Venetian tradition and, on a technical level, of complex realization. It is entirely handmade and the first step in its creation is the execution of the metal structure whose weight is tested before moving on to the next procedure. The arms are composed of small pieces of worked glass that are inserted one by one into the structure. A great mastery is essential to make this chandelier as the pieces must coincide with each other. In our collection we offer different types of Cà Rezzonico crystal chandeliers, with colored paste flowers, crystal-gold, black, amber, ... there are endless possibilities for customizing each element: from the shape, to the type of decoration, to the size, color, number of lights. The starting point for the composition of your unique chandelier can be a model in our catalog or a drawing that you provide.
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